Training tips

Skinny fat - what to do about that?

If you're skinny fat and determined to do something about changing that, then you probably know of a lot of theories so far. Turns out that cardio is not the best option, as cardio will definitely help your heart, but it will make you loose water, not Weight resistance is the solution, as your problem is not loosing weight, but body fat proportions.

Does CrossFit have a problem?

Chris Heria from OFFICIALTHENX says that CrossFit has a problem because it doesn't stay true to its very own definition of cross training. The purpose has become doing as many reps as fast as possible. And he's blaming it all on CrossFit championships and competitions where movements that are not 100% correct, are counted as correct. Agree or disagree?

Free Brute Strength playbook on getting a Brute Booty Completely free guide with 24 lifts for your glutes.

Noah Ohlsen does Grace unbroken in 1:16 30 clean and jerks (135/95) unbroken by Noah Ohlsen.

Group class expectations Insights from CrossFit South Brooklyn owner and head coach David Osorio on how to best organize group classes.

Bergeron hits Amsterdam There's a taser gun involved. And it's not pretty. There's also a bit of cool footage of Amsterdam. That's pretty.

Yoga mini studios in the airport. Good thinking. When will anybody start creating CrossFit boxes as alternatives to airport lounges?

10 technique videos to improve your CrossFit movements See how to perform pistols, single leg squats, learn all about double unders, how to do overhead squats, how to increase your jerk, how to improve your weightlifting, learn the right way to warm-up for the snatch, how to do muscle-ups, how to clean, how to do pull-ups and how to snatch.

3 Interval Running WODs for Crossfitters from Chris Hinshaw Run 400m 100 Easy Run 300m 100 Easy Run 200m 100 Easy Run 100m 100 Easy Then: 6 x 200m Run, 100 Easy Then: Run 1 Mile but for every minute 10 seconds of tuck jumps

The 5 Points of Performance for the Jerk #1. Weight on the heel of the front foot. #2. Front knee stacked directly over or even slightly behind the ankle. #3. Torso straight up and down with the strongest midline you’ve ever had. #4. Back knee SLIGHTLY bent. #5. Back heel off the ground with weight on the ball of foot and heel slightly turned out (to keep hips facing straight).

CrossFit Invitational The Europe Team coach: Samantha Briggs Briggs talks about her coaching philosophy, roster changes and the importance of communication.