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Is coconut oil really all that bad? The American Heart Association with the help of numerous publications, among which the high range USA Today, claim that "Coconut Oil Isn’t Healthy. It’s Never Been Healthy." This article challenges the research behind it with some very solid arguments such as "Dietary intake of saturated fat is not associated with heart disease or heart attacks." Read on and enjoy!

CrossFit as a coping mechanism for conditions such as PTSD A lot has been told and preached about CrossFit, from the idea that it's an overpriced sport through being a sport with a high risk of injury to being a something of a cult. But in the end it's exercise. Not for everyone, but for some Crossfit has the right level of engagement. Read the story of Rachel Ragosa, Invictus Member, who's suffering from PTSD and finds her comfort in CrossFit. From the effects exercising has on the brain to the social factor.

Taking Cannabidiol will be legal starting January 2018 CBD oil will be removed from the World Doping Agency's list officially in January 2018. This is a natural botanical concentrate which is produced by the cannabis plant and contains healthy nutritious omega fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants. This oil is extracted from hemp itself and not the marijuana buds, which means it doesn’t contain the psychoactive substance, THC. The CBD oil influences the human body’s appetite, sleep schedule, and mood.

Skinny fat - what to do about that?

If you're skinny fat and determined to do something about changing that, then you probably know of a lot of theories so far. Turns out that cardio is not the best option, as cardio will definitely help your heart, but it will make you loose water, not Weight resistance is the solution, as your problem is not loosing weight, but body fat proportions.

Does CrossFit have a problem?

Chris Heria from OFFICIALTHENX says that CrossFit has a problem because it doesn't stay true to its very own definition of cross training. The purpose has become doing as many reps as fast as possible. And he's blaming it all on CrossFit championships and competitions where movements that are not 100% correct, are counted as correct. Agree or disagree?

Senior MDs turning to CrossFit to maintain health and improve their movements

Watch this amazing video to see how affiliate owner David Osorio is helping out two ambitious 68 year old doctors to get in shape and keep their health. CrossFit South Brooklyn in Brooklyn, New York, has 800 members and their input in the community is incredible.

Why is it so hard to eat healthy?

Looks like even a time traveling dietician can't give us accurate advice :D

Eggs Benedict with Brooke Ence A little funny, a little disgusting, but that's Brooke Ence's new series "BJ in the kitchen".

Finally. A university I can graduate. Cooking paleo made easy. Paleo recipes with video instructions. Pretty cool.

Will P.E. classes become CrossFit classes? With more and more schools in US turning to CrossFit, it sure starts to look this way.

Omega 6 Content of Common Foods Omega 666 – the most Evil omega 6 powerhouses (over 50%) Grapeseed oil 70.6%!!! Corn Oil 54.5% Walnuts 52.5% (oil is 53.9%) Cottonseed oil 52.4% Soybean oil 51.4%

Josh Bridges about his stomach and his performance at the Games this year Besides, Dan Bailey got invited to talk in church 7 times since the last CrossFit podcast...

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