$403 561 raised at the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run This money went to support 256 kids to 7 500 lunches and free afternoon programs. Beautiful initiative!

$50 000 raised, 1 burpee per dollar SUBU Crossfit has a tradition of raising money for homeless kids in Orlando. Last year they did this and raised $34 000 which led to the insane amount of 34 000 burpees done by the members. This year they broke all their records, so 90 athletes signed up to complete the challenge. Luckily there's a max of 1000 burpees per athlete. This should be fun!

Inspiring story about an adaptive athlete who simply can't give up Victor Hugo Castro completed all the 2017 Open workouts with one arm only.

Got a long list of resolutions? Here's a simple, positive, healthy approach that will help you reach your goals.

If you wat to keep track of the The Dubai Fitness Championship leaderboard... Day 1 ended with Sam Briggs and Lukas Hogberg on top, after 2 x 5km running, in the desert.

CrossFit ReVamped adopted a family of seven for the holidays There's a reason why everybody says CrossFit's all about community. This article gives you a small taste of what a few CrossFit boxes are doing for Christmas and it's pretty amazing. From organizing fundraising WODs through exchanging presents and inviting members' families for a dinner to adopting a family of seven for the holidays.

CrossFit as a coping mechanism for conditions such as PTSD A lot has been told and preached about CrossFit, from the idea that it's an overpriced sport through being a sport with a high risk of injury to being a something of a cult. But in the end it's exercise. Not for everyone, but for some Crossfit has the right level of engagement. Read the story of Rachel Ragosa, Invictus Member, who's suffering from PTSD and finds her comfort in CrossFit. From the effects exercising has on the brain to the social factor.

Fittest Gamer on Earth


When Crossfit meets Videogames...and they give it a really fun name. 

On 16th of December CrossFit Pell City is throwing the competition called Fittest Gamer on Earth. Sooner or later this was bound to happen. 

"Enjoy VideoGames? Enjoy CrossFit? For the very first time, we proudly present "The Fittest Gamer on Earth", where CrossFit meets Videogames. Teams of Two will compete head-to-head in three CrossFit workouts and four Videogames all from different consoles. This is going to be one of the most unique and fun competitions of the year! Space is very limited, proceeds benefiting Angel Tree Foundation this Christmas!"

Check out the event.

A heartwarming letter to his younger self written by Noah Ohlsen A beautiful, encouraging text about patience, acceptance and perseverance addressed to his 15 year old self. Sounds like we should all sit down and write a letter to our younger selves. "Go with the flow. Everything is ALWAYS going to be okay. From the test you’re freaking out about to the swim meet to the homecoming dance with that cute girl. As long as you do your best, it’s all going to work itself out the way it should. Believe that. I promise that it has for us up to this point. Eleven years down the road, believe it or not, you’re going to have fans that you inspire. You’re going to get to travel the world, support your family, and create incredible and powerful memories. It’s all coming your way, my man. Enjoy it and remember, “Nothing replaces hard work.”"

Skinny fat - what to do about that?

If you're skinny fat and determined to do something about changing that, then you probably know of a lot of theories so far. Turns out that cardio is not the best option, as cardio will definitely help your heart, but it will make you loose water, not Weight resistance is the solution, as your problem is not loosing weight, but body fat proportions.

CrossFit South Brooklyn on Variety

This series on CrossFit South Brooklyn already won our hearts since they shared the video on CrossFit Mom classes. They've got 800 members and organize classes from kids to seniors. Listen to owner David Osorio talking about him having the privilege of having his members' time and making the most of it. Great talk on humbleness & good recipe for business.

Get a shot of motivation in case you were thinking of skipping today's workout

Featuring the 2017 CrossFit Champions: Fittest Man on Earth, Mat Fraser, Fittest Woman on Earth, Tia-Clair Toomey, Sara Sigmudsdottir, Josh Bridges, Jonne Koski, Brooke Wells, Ben Smith, Sam Briggs and many, many others.

Conor Murphy smashed 30 pumpkins in 1 minute and got himself a Guinness World Record

The previous record held was for 15 pumpkins smashed in one minute. This year coach Conor Murphy doubled the record. Cool or wasteful?

Senior MDs turning to CrossFit to maintain health and improve their movements

Watch this amazing video to see how affiliate owner David Osorio is helping out two ambitious 68 year old doctors to get in shape and keep their health. CrossFit South Brooklyn in Brooklyn, New York, has 800 members and their input in the community is incredible.

Julie Foucher talks to Patrick Vellner about the CrossFit Games podium & PEDs

The third fittest man on Earth, Patrick Vellner joins Julie Foucher's Pursuing Health podcast and opens up about the controversy surrounding Ricky Garard getting popped for using PEDs and his perspective on how that affects the sport of CrossFit.

Free Brute Strength playbook on getting a Brute Booty Completely free guide with 24 lifts for your glutes.

Free winter clothes for those in need at the York Pop-up Shop at CrossFit York Saturday and Sunday, November 18 and 19 from 8am to 5pm, CrossFit York will host the York Pop-up Shop, organized by Sam Fullam.

Stefi Cohen sets two new world records Stefi Cohen has new squat and bench PRs and two world records at 122 pound bodyweight: 1 for her 495 pound deadlift and the other for her 1112 pound total: 407 pound squat, 210 pound bench press, 495 deadlift.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet doing pull ups 12 weeks post op Camille doing a few rounds of running after she her glorious strict pull ups just 12 weeks post operation.

Noah Ohlsen does Grace unbroken in 1:16 30 clean and jerks (135/95) unbroken by Noah Ohlsen.

30 strict HSPU in 48 seconds Four times CrossFit Regionals athlete, Vanessa Benavides does 30 strict HSPU in a record time.

Jessica Lucero snatches 93 kg Lately Jessica has been smashing everything. Last week back squat pb, this week a crazy snatch.

Guiness World Record for most people doing burpees, by the Dubai Police The Dubai Police broke the Guiness World Record for the most people doing burpees with 1455 participants, compared to last year's record established in UK, of 689 burpee performers.

Dubai wants to be the most active city in the world Dubai Fitness Challenge: 30 minutes of fitness for 30 days in Dubai, with the goal to make Dubai more active.

Kara Webb's new box officially opens doors today CrossFit Kova is open and Kara's excitement is through the roof. This is part of her interview for 7 News Queensland about the opening.

Be the shark in the ocean, not the fish Best. Motivation. Speech. Ever. "Don't put yourself down. Keep your self up, pumped for any challenge that comes."

Group class expectations Insights from CrossFit South Brooklyn owner and head coach David Osorio on how to best organize group classes.

CrossFit Toledo gets lifting for charity: Give a gift. Get a lift. December 10. CrossFit Toledo. All gifts and proceeds will go to support the Mercy Children's Hospital of Toledo and the Ronald McDonald House.

Jessica Lucero's a 60 kg goddess with a 165kg back squat pb That is a 363 pound back squat at 132 pound bodyweight... Wow!

The story of this year for Kara Webb. Here's a podcast with 2nd fittest woman on Earth "In my eyes, my greatest achievements this year have nothing to do with my placings. That was just a cool reflection of all the hard work."

Did you go all in when you started CrossFit? Do you ever find yourself being one of those folks that are all or nothing? You're either in 100% or nothing at all? Well, we might be talking to you this week when we cover the danger of extremes. Unfortunately we've all been there, you've had it, tomorrow is the day you're (insert crazy unrealistic thing here)--making the big change. You go out spend $300 at Whole Foods, enroll at a gym, buy new shoes and tell everyone and their mother that you're losing 25 pounds in a month. Fast forward 2 weeks and your shoving king cones in your mouth faster than dale earnhardt jr's pit crew.